What started off as a small town murder mystery book club quickly transforms into four idyllic friends who solve real life cold murder cases that have been left on the shelf in their hometown, by using their natural instincts, new technology and a little help from the afterlife.


In the sunny community of Naples, CA, a small group of neighbors form a murder mystery book club. By the third book the cohort quickly discovers they have a knack for figuring out the plot and solving the mystery within the first few chapters of each book. 

Jan, the clairvoyant and charismatic leader of the group, grabs a few cases from her deceased father’s, a decorated detective, storage room to see if the ladies can untangle a real life homicide and ferret out a few criminals. 

Some of the group sans the idea, but Marta – a maid with an army of domestic workers, Joyce – a witty former celebrity stylist, and Dr. Ayana Lott – a psychologist, form a idyllic group who tackle as many unsolved mysteries they can while managing their businesses, families, and neighborhood drama.

Helping the group is Penelope, an restless spirit that only communicates with Jan guiding her threw cases while introducing her to other souls that are trapped in the earth realm due to their lives being cut short and their murderers not being apprehended. 

The group collectively discovers their calling when settling unsolvable cold cases that have been left on the shelf, while also rounding up some healthy sized monetary rewards. With natural instinct, charisma and acute questioning the group views these homicides from a unique perspective, while bumping heads with local police detectives and Jan’s  little sister, ALICIA – a demoted desktop, who tire very quickly of the groups “meddling”.

MURDER MOMMAS will tackle cases that involve: racism, homophobia, transphobia, sexism, abortion, and police brutality. Some of the cases were based on real life events or victims, akin to the “ripped from the headlines” style from shows like the Law and Order series. 

Mystery Drama in the vein of DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES meets COLD CASE around the corner from MURDER SHE WROTE