While fighting to rescue his kidnapped daughter and clear his name, a memory lost assassin eludes the CIA, FBI and a list of hit men from America to South Africa, whilst discovering his identity and how he got into this dangerous new world. 

Theatrical release – Somewhere between James Bond and Bourne Identity. This story takes place 30 years after the original ACTION JACKSON film.


Jerico “Action” Jackson , a star athlete, law school educated street cop in the mean streets of Detroit, was declassed and undervalued after bungling an extortion case involving beloved philanthropist-businessman Peter Anthony Dellaplane. The fallout out cost the the hometown hero his lieutenant status and public praise. Demoted to beat cop, Jackson teamed with Dellplane’s mistress, SYDNEY, a recovering herione addict, whom later helped Jackson catch Dellplane and undermine his plans for taking over the city and solve several murders of union officials.  A relationship between Jackson and Sydney was born, resulting in a brief marriage and a son, SHINE. 


The highly publicized case caught the attention of the Secretary of Defense, General Griffin, who recruits the disgruntled detective to join a special secret branch of bad ass individuals who will find and root out the real bad operatives that were ruining the United States. After a few missions, Jackson began to see that the “help” they were giving was only filling the monetary coffers of General Griffin’s special pet projects and his secret bank accounts.

Once confronted and threatened,  General Griffin quickly turns on Action Jackson and sends men to kill the street smart detective turned covert soldier.  Instead they mistakenly kill Sydney in a fire, but not SHINE. Action Jackson at that moment decided it was better to leave his son and shroud his life covertly. As long as General Griffin knew Jackson was alive, his son’s life was in peril, so Jackson went deep into hiding,  becoming an expert in tech and espionage , then relocating to the depths of Wisconsin’s forest areas. 


Soon SHINE becomes a man and has a family of his own. He races up the ladder of the New York Fire Department. He married his college sweetheart and lived a phenomenal life as a great man until September 11th, 2001. Shine Jackson was killed as the second tower fell. He saved 22 people, but succumbed to smoke and fire. He left behind his loving wife and two children…Mildred and MILTON. 


MERICO – was a highly secretive program developed by General Griffin and his genius son DONIVAN. The Memory Replacement solution was toted to Congress and the executive branch as a revolutionary cure for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. The solution would help soldiers overcome their trauma by extracting the memories of battle, killing and genocide. 

Over time , the team of scientists, lead by DR. BENITA MONROE, discovered that not only could dreadful memories be eradicated, but also replaced with either pleasant memories, or ones from other soldiers  point of view) (POV). Even memories created in the lab of Merico, Inc. 

Further research uncovered that memories placed in soldiers gave them muscle memory to interacted with the subjects new reality of their past. A person who never touched a piano CAN NOW have memories of being a savant and play and read music, a person once scared to death of hieghts CAN NOW be a sky dive instructor. 

A soldier who served as a low level commications private CAN NOW have no phobia of death and become a super soldier once their memories are replaced with a more seasoned soldier.


The UNIHORN started off as a software solution commissioned by the  UNITED NATIONS OF THE WORLD (UNW) to help combat Kesler Syndrome, which explains how vast and quickly space debris was growing around the earth’s orbit and damaging satellites. 

The Unicorn became a super computer which helps all satellites, no matter the origin, navigate space debris and in most cases even collect some, which for years had caused irreversible damage to  hundreds of satelites.

Gen. Griffin figured out whoever controlled the super computer can easily reconfigure it to control 98% of the world’s  satellites. One with that type of control could hold the world hostage for a healthy ransom or uncontainable power.

Gen. Griffin teams with the Russians and the South African government to send out a battalion of his super soldiers out to “protect”  the super computer, but before his minions could get all three sections of The Unihorn  the UNW decided it would be best to disassemble the computer and house it in secret locations in Los Angeles, New York and London.