In order to save their crumbling duplex from foreclosure, two down on their luck best friends start a “home school” for neighborhood misfits, who when assembled, form an unbeatable futbol team, but when their grade slip due to their online stardom the duo must choose between their growing empire or their students’ education.



Rob and Edgar are struggling substitute teachers who have six months before the bank forecloses on their apartment building they co-own and dwell with their wives who are sisters.

After a failed attempt at a Day Care center, the two best friends stumble upon an article that teaches them how to start a home charter school. Within weeks, their make shift school The FGT School (an inside joke reveals the name is an acronym for Funky Good Time) is up and running. Living Rooms and second bedrooms are converted to classroom filled with under achieving local youth. Classes curriculum include: Language Arts (Video Game playing), Meditation and Philosophy (Chilling watching the TV) and Home Economics (lunch time craps)- a childhood friend who works at the District informs them all they need to add is a Physical Education component.

Later in the week: Rob and Edgar take the boys to the park and discover these 11 misfits, as a team, are a virtually unbeatable fütbol team. Soon their acrobatic soccer playing style gains regional, then national attention, and endorsement money begins to pour in by the boat loads. Local gangsters also begin to smell point shaving paydays.

Everything goes well until every kid in their makeshift home charter school fails the preliminary state exams just before the nationally televised state championships. With a great chance of their school charter status being revoked, Rob and Edgar have to decide whether to practice for the state championships or prepare the students for the state exams.