About the Show

Please Listen To My Demo is a 30 minute limited series that explores the hit making process from its inception. 

SHUT EM DOWN (Public Enemy), SMELLS LIKE TEENAGE SPIRIT (Nirvana), VISION OF LOVE (Mariah Carey) were all conceive and cradle under the same conditions while living in the orphanage of obscurity awaiting someone with power, influence or access to pick them to usher their sonic souls from a cassette deck to the world. All they needed was someone to press play.

The ARTIST’S career now lays in the balance.  The pressing of PLAY can either make them a superstar millionaire or throw their dreams into the pile of unimportant art with other failing “cosa nostra”. 

PLEASE LISTEN TO ME DEMO is a deep dive into the early makings of songs that have made the Cultural tapestry of American music.  

The show talks with artist,persons who had the ear, the ones who didn’t, and retells the stories of how a classic song or artist made it off the demo pile and into music history.  

These stories can be retold by the artists during an interview or an extremely funny retelling using pictures or animation that will add color and grandiose to the tale.  

Each episodes will explore three songs: each from a different era and different genre.