One Hour TV Show


By |2022-01-17T17:22:32+00:00November 23rd, 2021|60 Min TV|

Desperate to leave the “trap” of the Southeast Memphis, a hood famous scammer and his techie best friend, assemble a team of misfits to create their dream start-up, but stumble into something more dangerous. [...]

By |2021-12-07T20:44:02+00:00November 23rd, 2021|60 Min TV|

What started off as a small town murder mystery book club quickly transforms into four idyllic friends who solve real life cold murder cases that have been left on the shelf in their hometown, by [...]

Take Me Home

By |2021-11-23T22:05:33+00:00November 23rd, 2021|60 Min TV|

A recovering ex-undercover detective creates a vigilante style crew to help him find his estranged daughter who has fell into the life of sex trafficking, but while teaching vows to free any worker trapped but [...]

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