Project Description


WELCOME TO THE REC is a hybrid mix of narrative storytelling and reality television. This voyeuristic and uncompromising swath of Los Angeles youth culture and a look at the dangerous and reckless world of privileged Los Angeles kids is in the spirit of DEGRASSI and MEAN GIRLS. Elle Frisco has a major problem on her hands.

She has been given the coveted title of Executive Producer of the annual fundraiser for the Community Recreation Center, which is being filmed by a reality television crew. Before the first practice can begin, a melee between two of the most popular Clique breaks out and the kids choose sides causing the show to teeter near cancellation. Elle and her crew, THE GOOD GIRLS, have two weeks to convince and rally every model, sponsor and designer who has pulled out of the show to come back and help raise money for, Water for Africa.

This task would be simple if it wasnt for the web of deception of every MEAN GIRL, the cockiness of every STEPPER, the nonchalant attitude of the KRUMPERS, but thank heavens for THE FIXXERS, a duo who seize this opportunity to audition in front of the reality television crew, and oh yeah, help Elle and the Water for Africa people.

  • Official Entry: San Diego Black Film Festival

  • Official Entry: Mill Valley Film Festival

  • Official Entry: Long Beach Indie Film Festival